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1762-63 Chap. 0012. An Act For Apportioning And Assessing The Sum Of Seventy-Five Thousand Pounds; Also For Apportioning And Assessing A Tax Of Three Thousand Two Hundred And Sixty-Four Pounds Fifteen Shillings, Paid The Representatives For Their Travel, Service And Attendance In The General Court In The Year One Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-One; Also For Apportioning And Assessing A Tax Of One Hundred And Fifty-One Pounds Thirteen Shillings, For Fines Laid Upon Towns That Have Not Sent Any Persons To Represent Them In The General Court The Present Year; And Also For Assessing The Town Of Princetown, For The Sum Of Thirty-One Pounds One Shilling And Sevenpence Being So Much Ordered By The General Court To Be Added To Their Tax The Present Year, Over And Above Their Proportion Of What Is Laid On Said Town: All Which Sums Amount To Seventy-Eight Thousand Four Hundred And Forty-Seven Pounds Nine Shillings And Sevenpence.

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