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1774-75 Chap. 0008. An Act For Apportioning And Assessing A Tax Of Ten Thousand Three Hundred And Twelve Pounds Ten Shillings; And Also For Assessing A Tax Of Two Thousand Three Hundred One Pounds And Fifteen Shillings, Paid The Representatives For Their Travel And Attendance In The General Court, In The Year One Thousand Seven Hundred And Seventy-Three; And Further To Assess The Town Of Swansey The Sum Of Fifty Pounds, Being Part Of What Was Lent Said Town In Consideration Of Their Having Been Visited By The Small-Pox; Also For Assessing The Town Of Sherburne On Nantucket, One Hundred And Ninety-Eight Pounds Seven Shillings And Sevenpence, Being In Full Of What Said Town Was In Arrears, Arising From The Deficiency Of Thomas Arthur, A Defective Collector Of Taxes, For The Years One Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-Five And One Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-Six; And The District Of Northbridge The Sum Of Thirty-Six Pounds And Six Shillings, Being Their Proportion Of The Tax Last Year Set On The Town Of Uxbridge; And The Sum Of Five Pounds Eighteen Shillings On The Town Of Barnstable, Four Pounds Thirteen Shillings And Threepence On The Town Of Sandwich, Four Pounds Four Shillings And Threepence On The Town Of Yarmouth, Three Pounds Eight Shillings And Sixpence On The Town Of Eastham, Three Pounds Seven Shillings And Sixpence On The Town Of Harwich, Two Pounds And Nine Shillings On The District Of Wellfleet, Thirty-Two Shillings And Fourpence On The Town Of Chatham, Two Pounds And One Shilling On The Town Of Truro, Three Pounds Seven Shillings And Fivepence On The Town Of Falmouth, Being Their Several Proportions Of Thirty-One Pounds One Shilling And Threepence, Ordered To Be Paid By The County Of Barnstable To The Town Of Plymouth, And The Court's Committee, For Their Attendance To Barnstable; And The District Of Amherst Thirty Pounds Nine Shillings And Twopence, Being The Expence Of A Committee Sent To Said District To Enquire Into The Propriety Of Dividing The Same.

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