1764-65 Chap. 0003. An Act For Apportioning And Assessing A Tax Of Fifty Thousand Pounds; Also, For Apportioning And Assessing A Tax Of Eighteen Hundred And Forty-Nine Pounds Two Shillings And Sixpence, Paid The Representatives For Their Travel, Service And Attendance In The General Court In The Year One Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-Three; Also, For Assessing The Towns Of Sunderland And Montague The Sum Of Twenty-Six Pounds Twelve Shillings, Being So Much Laid Upon New Salem, For Their Part Of The Charge Of A Representative Sent From Sunderland, After They Were Discharged From Paying Any Sum For That Purpose, Which Sum Is Ordered By The General Court To Be Added To Sunderland And Montague Tax The Present Year; Also, To Assess The Town Of Lexington The Sum Of Fifty Pounds Sixteen Shillings And One Penny, Transferred To Said Town From The Town Of Lincoln, Being So Much Which The Town Of Lincoln Has Paid, More Than Their Just Proportion, And Which Should Have Been Laid Upon The Town Of Lexington; Also, To Assess The Town Of Belchertown The Sum Of Six Pounds Two Shillings And Ninepence, Being So Much That The Town Of Greenwich Was Taxed, Through Mistake, More Than Their Proportion, And Which Should Have Been Laid Upon Belchertown; All Which Taxes Are To Be Over And Above Their Proportion Of What Is Laid Upon Said Towns: All Which Sums Amount To Fifty-One Thousand Eight Hundred And Eighty-One Pounds Seventeen Shillings And Threepence.

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